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Certified Nutritionist

Rahul is a professional nutritionist certified by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and a personal trainer certified through the American Council of Exercise (ACE). He has a special interest in the science of nutrition and how it can impact the body.

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Cured vs. Uncured Bacon on Keto

Bacon has been a popular food for centuries. In...

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Soluble Fiber vs Insoluble Fiber on Keto

Fiber is a hot topic on keto. Should you be eat...

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Keto Flour List

When you are just starting out on your keto jou...

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Is Pepperoni Keto?

Pizza is a staple food for many of us. Whether ...

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Is Granola Keto-Friendly?

Most households have become accustomed to eatin...

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Keto Trim Review

Have you started on a keto diet but are still s...

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Is Salsa Keto?

When it comes to low-carb snack dips, each of u...

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Low-Carb vs. High-Carb Diet

There are many approaches to achieving your wei...

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