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A keto plan designed with your favorite foods, sauces and snacks. 100% personalized diet that works for you!

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Not everyone is a wizard in the kitchen. This is why our team will prepare a mix of simple, straightforward recipes that anyone can follow.

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No additives and shady substances. Our recipes include nothing but 100% natural ingredients. And the best thing is you can find them easily in your local supermarket.

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Simply download a readymade grocery list and take it with you to the supermarket. Exact amounts, descriptions and images.

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Sugar, protein, carbs, salt, fat. Find out exactly what you are putting in your body with our detailed keto nutritional analysis.

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Our team of expert dieticians and nutritionists is always ready to provide a helping hand or word. Join the community of keto enthusiasts and share recipes and tips.


Your detailed personalized keto plan is just a click away.

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2-Minute Quiz

In less than 2 minutes you will receive a unique keto plan that will help you achieve your goals while not compromising your taste buds.

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Over 300,000 success stories and counting

Our customized keto plans have worked for thousands of people and they can’t wait to tell you about it. Check out some of those reviews below.

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Expert certified

Our team has the credentials and experience to guarantee you amazing results. Trust our nutritionist experts to guide you through your keto journey.


We are a dedicated team of expert dietitians and nutritionists, and our goal is to change the perception people have of keto diets.
The hardest part is always at the start. We get that. That’s why we want to be there with you right from the moment you begin your journey

Shedding those extra pounds, getting a slimmer waist, an overall healthier look or simply cutting out the dreaded carbs. Whatever your dietary goals may be, your keto meal plan needs to be tailored to them. We believe in getting it right. The right ingredients, the right recipes, the right results.


Comment 1

James H.

Orlando, Florida

I can’t recommend Plan Ketogenic enough! They prepared a highly customized plan that was not only tasty but easy to follow. I managed to lose 10 pounds without even noticing it! Their team was always available to answer my questions.

Comment 1

Amanda G.

Flint, Michigan

I tried many keto diets and I can assure you Plan Ketogenic is THE BEST by a long shot. I’m a horrible cook but their recipes were so simple that even I was able to follow them with ease. The downloadable grocery lists are such an amazing addition!

Comment 1

Nathan A.

San Antonio, Texas

When my girlfriend recommended Plan Ketogenic I was very skeptical. Diets don’t normally work for me. But after filling out their survey I saw that this wasn’t your normal diet. The plan is really personalized to what you like. I feel great in my body and I’m only 2 weeks in!

Comment 1

Kevin R.

Denver, Colorado

WOW!! The best decision I’ve made! I lost about 25 pounds after the first month. I cut out carbs completely without even realizing it. I got the whole family on the diet and we are all loving cooking together. Highly recommended!!


Mary T.

Sacramento, California

The thing I like about Plan Ketogenic is that you don’t have to compromise on your favorite foods. Most diets just give you a strict plan to follow and it makes people give up. With Plan Ketogenic, I could snack on chocolate and peanut butter and still lose weight!


Ann F.

New York, New York

Quality ingredients, elaborated recipes and 24/7 live support. I had an issue with one of the grocery lists and it was resolved in no time. They even send me an extra recipe to make up for the inconvenience. Quality service!

Comment Image

Roxanne N.

Chicago, Illinois

I loved the keto nutritional analysis! It is so detailed, down to every ounce. I like to know what I’m putting in my body and Plan Ketogenic gives me the transparency I need. Their team is always helpful as well. Five stars!

Comment Image

Shelby S.

Atlanta, Georgia

Excellent service! Plan Ketogenic was easy to navigate, their recipes are simple and the final results are absolutely yummy! I’ve been following their plan for 3 months and I lost about 30 pounds. I even managed to shed that stubborn belly fat.