What is included in the price?

A highly-customized keto meal plan, daily grocery lists, easy-to-follow recipes, full nutritional breakdown, starting guides and 24/7 customer support. You can choose to add more keto weight loss resources like our Clever Keto Dieting eBook for a small additional price.

Can I still use my meal plan after the initial month?

Of course! Once you’ve filled out the quiz and received your personalized plan, the keto meal plan is yours forever.

I paid but I haven't received my plan yet. How long does it take?

Your personalized keto meal plan is ready within 22 hours from the moment of purchase unless you buy express delivery - in that case it will be ready within 30 minutes!

I did not receive the confirmation email. What should I do?

Don’t worry! This could be due to an error when introducing your email address. Please contact our customer specialist team indicating your transaction ID and will get back to you immediately.

How do I get to the dashboard?

Simply follow the link in your confirmation email and log in using your email address and password. Easy-peasy!

When I try to log in to my Dashboard, it says “User does not exist”, but my account has been charged. What do I do?

Please contact customer service indicating your transaction ID or any other data that will help us track your order faster.

How can a high-fat diet make me lose weight?

Fat has been mistakenly labeled as the enemy when we, as humans, have been consuming healthy fats for centuries. The real enemies are carbohydrates and sugars which coupled with limited physical activity can bring numerous negative consequences for our health. This is why the keto philosophy is about limiting those harmful carbs and raising the levels of healthy fats and protein.

On Keto it is not about HOW MUCH we eat, but WHAT we eat. When your body is in ketosis, it manages to burn not just the fat you consume on a daily basis, but all the fat cells that are already stored in your body.

Does Plan Ketogenic help with the ‘Keto Flu’?

Yes! Our plans are expertly created to provide enough daily carbs and calories to help your body get into ketosis without having to experience keto flu symptoms like cramps or headache.

How do I count calories, amount of fat, sugar, etc?

Don’t worry! We’ve got that part covered. Our keto meal plans include a complete breakdown of all calories, fat, sugar and protein content of each meal.

How many recipes do I get?

Our customized meal plans include over 1,000 delicious keto-approved recipes.

Does Plan Ketogenic send me the ingredients?

No, but we make shopping for them a breeze with our downloadable grocery lists. All ingredients are easily found in your local supermarket.

Will you send ready-meals to my home?

No, but we will provide everything else in order to cook them easily!

How do I measure the ingredients in the recipes?

The exact amount of each ingredient is already provided. Down to the last ounce! All you need to do is cook them up following our step-by-step instructions.

Are the ingredients measured in raw or cooked condition?

All Plan Ketogenic recipes include measured ingredients in their raw form.

I don’t like one of the ingredients in a recipe? Could I substitute it for another?

Sure! Our flexible keto meal plans include a full page of substitute options you can choose from.

I just received my plan and I do not like some of the meals. Can I change them?

You can swap meals between days as long as they have similar calorie content i.e. you can have a snack from Day 2 instead of Day 1 or swap the lunch option from Day 5 with Day 3, etc.

How do I make sure I don’t get any foods I’m allergic to?

When filling out our quiz, simply click to exclude any allergens from your keto meal plan. If for any reason you still find any of those foods in your plan, please send us an email and our customer specialist team will take care of it in no time.

I excluded fish in the Keto Quiz but I still have fish in my plan.

Please contact our customer specialist team and we will fix that for you.