About Us

We are a dedicated team of expert dietitians and nutritionists. Our goal is to change the misconceptions people may have of keto diets.

We’ve heard it all. ‘Keto diets are only a fad.’, ‘You won’t have enough energy.’, Everyone gets the keto flu’. ‘All you’re going to eat is ham and cheese.’ and so on.

The only reason ketogenic diet is popular is because it simply WORKS! It’s a lifestyle that takes a bit of introduction to get used to, but once you are in, you are in it for the long haul.

The hardest part is always at the start. We get that. That’s why we want to be there with you right from the moment you begin your journey.

Shedding those extra pounds, getting a slimmer waist, an overall healthier look or simply cutting out the dreaded carbs. Whatever your dietary goals may be, your keto meal plan needs to be tailored to them. We believe in getting it right. The right ingredients, the right recipes, the right results.


Our team of experienced nutrition professionals is here to help you explore and understand the ins and outs of the keto diet, from theory to practice. We are dedicated to explaining complex information in an accessible way that’s easy to read and apply to your daily life.

Learn more about each of our backgrounds and how we come together to support your journey.

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Abby Courtenay

Registered Dietitian

Not only do I have a Bachelor's degree in Dietetics from the University of Pretoria, but I also have a Master’s degree in Nutrition from Stellenbosch University and over a decade of nutrition experience. At PlanKetogenic, I use my expertise as a medical writer to review and fact-check articles written by other nutrition professionals, such as our Keto Diet for Beginners Guide, Is It Keto-Friendly Index, and... Keto Blog (see the full list of articles I’ve reviewed here). Connect with me on Facebook/ Instagram: AbbytheDietitian/AbbytheDietitian

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Brenda Peralta

Registered Dietitian

I am a Certified Registered Dietitian with a degree in Human Nutrition from The University of Medical Sciences (UCIMED) and specializations in weight loss, sports nutrition, diabetes, nutritional fertility, and PCOS management (see all my certifications on my LinkedIn). I help keto dieters get well informed by researching and writing health articles for PlanKetogenic, such as... Keto for Pescatarians, Keto Diet Plan for Runners, Is Hummus Keto-Friendly?, and Stevia vs. Splenda: Which is Better on Keto? Check out my author page to read all my latest articles.

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Bridget Nalwoga

Certified Nutritionist

I am a Certified Nutritionist with a degree in Human Nutrition from Makerere University. After receiving my degree, I started practicing as a nutritionist specializing in weight loss and related conditions like type 2 diabetes. By writing for PlanKetogenic, I aim to help people achieve their keto goals and learn more about nutrition. My articles include Speed Keto: OMAD and Intermittent Fasting,... Keto Diet Meal Plan on a Budget, Are Pistachios Keto-Friendly?, Is Peanut Butter Keto-Friendly?, and more.

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Katelyn Johnson

Nutrition Science Expert

I hold an MS in Nutrition Science from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. My areas of expertise include nutrition research, public health and wellness, and dietary intervention. Read my 1-Week Keto Diet Meal Plan, Guide to 21 Days on Keto, or check out my author page.

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Niki Fourie

Registered Dietitian

I am a Registered Dietitian with a degree in Dietetics from the University of Pretoria and experience working in a clinical setting. I completed training in ketogenic diets from Matthew’s Friends in the UK and have a special interest in gastrointestinal health. The articles I’ve written for PlanKetogenic include Are Chickpeas Keto-Friendly? and Targeted Keto Diet Meal Plan.

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Vanessa Roberts

Keto Expert

I have extensive experience researching and writing about the ketogenic diet and a low-carb lifestyle. I keep an ear to the ground in the keto sphere to stay on top of the latest scientific studies, successful hacks and tips, and common questions that we can help answer at PlanKetogenic. Some of my articles include Keto Diet Plans, Vegans and the Ketogenic Diet, Keto 101 for Beginners, and Keto Macros Calculator. Check out my most recent insights here.

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David Fhima

Registered Associate Nutritionist

I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist, having earned a degree in Food and Human Nutrition from Newcastle University. I also hold a certificate as a Nutritional Therapist with the Health and Science Academy. I help people who are curious about the keto diet make informed decisions by writing nutrition-based articles for PlanKetogenic, such as Are Olives Keto-Friendly?,... Are Cherries Good for Keto?, Are Almonds Keto-Approved?, and Coconut Aminos vs. Soy Sauce on a Ketogenic Diet. You can see all of my articles here, or find me on LinkedIn.

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Edibel Quintero

Medical Doctor

I am a Medical Doctor specializing in nutrition and obesity. Since earning my medical degree from the University of Zulia, I have continued to expand my expertise with certifications in areas ranging from physical rehabilitation and sports massage to health and wellness. At PlanKetogenic, I share my medical knowledge by writing about how the ketogenic diet impacts health, with topics including ...Keto and Cholesterol and Can Keto Cause Headaches? Read all my latest articles here, or check out my LinkedIn and Instagram.