Bulletproof Coffee vs. Keto Coffee: Which One Is Better?

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Written by Edibel Quintero, Medical Doctor and medically reviewed by Abby Courtenay

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A few years ago we wouldn't have thought of adding butter to our cup of morning joe. Just saying it sounds weird, right?

But followers of the ketogenic diet are always looking for new ways to improve their fat intake to reach their goals, and that is why these new morning brews have come into play.

What is of interest now is to differentiate bulletproof vs. keto coffee to know how you can benefit from each. At PlanKetogenic, we bring you all the details about these trendy, energizing, and fat-loaded beverages.


What is bulletproof coffee?

Bulletproof coffee (BPC) according to its original recipe created by the American writer and lifestyle guru David Asprey, is a combination of a special organic coffee from high-quality beans free of molds to which is added a patented MCT Oil (medium-chain triglyceride oil) and a little organic unsalted butter

But, is bulletproof coffee keto?

Yes, BPC is a beverage used in this type of diet because of its rich content of healthy fats which promote ketosis.


What is keto coffee?

Keto coffee (KC) is a type of hot or cold coffee-based beverage containing different types of fats such as coconut oil, MCT oil, or butter to support the ketogenic diet. It can be prepared in different ways and with several types of beans. 

These beverages provide energy from the high-fat content and do not contain sugar, but can be sweetened with keto-friendly options such as stevia or erythritol.

Bulletproof is one of the types of keto coffees, which is why they tend to be confused.


Keto vs. bulletproof coffee nutrition facts

To talk about the health benefits of keto coffee, including the bulletproof type, it is necessary to take a closer look at its nutritional chart to understand why it is so frequently used in the ketogenic diet.  

Basic Recipe for Bulletproof-style Keto Coffee

Ingredients Fats Proteins Carbs Calories
1 cup espresso 0.4 g 1 g 1 g 2.4 kcal
1 tablespoon unsalted butter 99.8 g 0.5 g 0.1 g 100 kcal
1 tablespoon MCT oil 117.5 g 0 g 0 g 117.5 kcal
Total 217.7 g 1 g 1.1 g 219.9 kcal


The amounts of ingredients may vary in different recipes, so it’s possible to make this drink far more caloric, even reaching 400 calories. That is why KC and BPC are satiating drinks that keep you satiated for longer and provide energy.

The high energy content of fats favors ketosis, which is the metabolic effect that is required to achieve in the keto diet to burn fat and lose weight.

Difference between bulletproof coffee vs. keto coffee

The differences between these two beverages are minimal since BPC is a type of KC.

In this chart you will better understand the characteristics of each one:

It is the name of a branded beverage It is not a brand, it is a type of keto beverage that is made using different recipes, bulletproof-style being one of them
It is made with special organic coffee free of molds It can be prepared with different types of brewed or instant coffees
The original recipe does not contain sweeteners Can be sweetened with stevia or erythritol
Special patented MCT oil is added The following can be added as a source of healthy fats: MCT oil, coconut oil, coconut milk or, ghee (clarified butter)


When to drink them

Healthy keto coffees are perfect for any occasion since its consistency makes it appetizing for those who love a creamy indulgence.

However, if you want to take advantage of its benefits, you can drink it in the morning to charge you with energy and provide enough fat to maintain your ketosis state.

You can prepare the bulletproof-style recipe or add some variations such as coconut milk to give more body or, refined coconut oil to reduce the coconut flavor and enjoy the taste of a good blend. 

But, how many bulletproof coffees a day?

Since they are high in calories, ideally you should not drink more than two cups of these keto drinks a day. You can have one in the morning and one in the afternoon as a snack.

Remember that although you need to eat mainly fat to remain in ketosis, you also need to remain in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. 


Which one is better for the keto diet?

Both are suitable for the ketogenic diet. However, bulletproof is potentially healthier because it uses a better quality brew, organic butter, and is free of the artificial ingredients contained in sweeteners. 

The bulletproof coffee benefits are:

  • Omega-3 supply through organic butter from grass-fed cows
  • Its healthy fats have anti-inflammatory properties
  • By activating and maintaining ketosis, it allows fat burning and weight loss
  • Provides sustained energy for your physical activities

This does not mean that the other keto types of this beverage are bad, their nutritional properties are similar to BPC as long as you are careful to add high-quality products.

If you are going to sweeten your drink, choose stevia or erythritol without any other additives to avoid artificial sweeteners that may affect your health.

You should consult with your nutritionist for advice on the best way to include both beverages during your nutritional program so that you do not exceed your caloric requirement to lose weight. Adding these options to your diet can end up sabotaging your process.

Enjoy your brews in moderation and you will see results in your body, energy, and mood in no time!


The bottom line

Is buying the registered trademark of Bulletproof Coffee worth it? 

We believe it is, because of its benefits and especially the delicious taste provided by the butter. A tasty beverage while dieting is always worth it. Treating yourself while staying within the dietary guidelines can help keep you motivated.

Both KC and BPC are ketogenic drinks full of healthy fats that will help you get closer to your goal because they are free of carbohydrates. The differences between them are minimal and they are very easy to prepare at home with just a few ingredients.