Best to Drink On Keto: White Claw vs. Truly

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Written by Edibel Quintero, Medical Doctor and medically reviewed by Abby Courtenay

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The weekend is approaching and all you can think about is a refreshing cocktail to hang out with your friends and put aside all the stress of work. 

You're excited at the thought of a bubbly drink, but... wait... you're on a diet! Are hard seltzers keto?

Your cravings may turn to doubts if you're following a ketogenic diet. It's no longer just a matter of choosing between Truly vs. White Claw, now you’ve got to know if these drinks are guilt-free as they appear to be.

Let’s dive into the hype that has brought these effervescent liquors to the market. We’ll cover all the details you need to know before you decide whether to indulge.


What is White Claw?

This beverage mixes 5% alcohol with hard seltzer-style carbonated water, which comes in different fruity flavors. 

It is gluten-free as the kind of alcohol in this beverage is derived from malt grains and sugar cane.

This fizzy drink is very low in carbohydrates and has been the most popular brand on the market since its debut in 2016.


What is Truly?

This is another brand of low-calorie bubbly hard seltzer alcoholic beverage made from sugar cane alcohol.

Truly has an alcohol content of 5% and a very low carb count. 

Due to these characteristics, it has gained an important position in the market, especially among those who are looking for light drinks with a touch of fruity flavor.


Nutrition facts

The following table contains the nutritional data of White Claw vs. Truly hard seltzers. 

These are alternative alcoholic beverages for people who want to enjoy without adding too many calories or carbs, perfect for those following a keto diet.

Nutrients in 1 can 

(12 oz / 355 ml)

White Claw Black Cherry Truly Wild Berry
Energy 100 kcal 100 kcal
Fat 0 g 0 g
Protein 0 g 0 g
Net carbs 2 g 1 g
Sugars 2 g 1 g
Sodium 20 mg 30 mg


In comparison, a well-known brand of beer such as Heineken contains 142 calories and 11 g of carbs, and a can of Budweiser contains 146 calories with 10.6 g of carbs.

Clearly, both of these hard seltzers are refreshing low-carb temptations that keto lovers can consume.

Keep in mind that the nutrition information may be different depending on the flavor or variety. Be sure to check the nutrition label, especially the carb count, before you buy.


Difference between White Claw vs. Truly

By comparing these two drinks, we see that they are actually very similar.

Keto enthusiasts have embraced them due to their almost zero carb content, this being one of their main differences with other alcoholic drinks like beer. 

WC Black Cherry contains 2 g of carbs while Truly Wild Berry has 1 g. 

Both of these are low enough to be a pleasant surprise for those users who follow a low-carb diet and do not want to lose ketosis.

Both products contain only 100 calories per can and 5%  alcohol content is 5%.

In terms of flavors, Truly has more variety, leading with over 30 flavors ranging from citrus to tropical. 

Its main rival, meanwhile, currently offers around 20 fruit flavors and some very interesting punch-style blends and ice teas.


When to drink White Claw and Truly

You can have White Claw on keto, or Truly if you prefer, at any time as long as you indulge in moderation. 

Remember that despite being low-calorie, low-carb, and gluten-free drinks, these keto-friendly seltzers are not exactly "healthy."

Their appealing nutritional characteristics only disguise the fact that they are still spirits that contain as much alcohol as a beer or wine, so don't be overconfident.

Also, if you are doing keto for weight loss and maintaining a caloric deficit, you may notice that you become intoxicated faster than you're used to. The less food there is in your stomach, the more quickly alcohol will be absorbed.

If you are just starting your weight loss diet, we suggest you wait a little longer before including alcoholic beverages in your routine. It is well known that alcohol is one of the main saboteurs when it comes to fat loss due to its high calorie count.


Which one is better for a ketogenic diet?

Oh, the sweet temptation! It always pops up when you most need the willpower to reach your weight loss goal. So...

Can you drink hard seltzer on keto? Yes, you can, since they are low-carb drinks. 

But, should you? 

You'll have to consider that it could interfere with your progress if you overdo it.

We could say that Truly is better than White Claw for keto because it has only 1 g of carbohydrates as opposed to 2 g.

But the difference is so minimal that it doesn't matter much which one you choose. 

As for the flavors they offer, the first one has more options, but it all depends on your taste buds. You will have to try them yourself to decide. (Note: Not all of them in one day!)

So if you ask yourself, “How many White Claws can I have on keto so as not to interfere with my goal?”

This question depends on 2 things: the amount of carbs and the amount of alcohol. 

If you drink 5 cans, you will have consumed a total of 10 g of carbs, which is below the daily carb limit for keto and won’t kick you out of ketosis. 

However, those 5 cans would take you far over the recommended alcohol limit (up to 1 drink per day for ladies, up to 2 drinks for men).

The ketogenic diet is intended to detoxify your body of processed sugars and excess carbohydrates, while using fats as a source of energy. To achieve a metabolic state that serves its purpose of fat loss as intended, the wisest thing to do is to select your foods and drinks as healthy as possible. 

These bubbly liquors are not nutritious and have no benefits to your health. 

And alcohol has never been a dieter's best friend. Not only does it give you extra calories, it lowers your inhibitions and can tempt you to eat food that is not keto-compliant.


Final thoughts

Truly vs. the Claw: both are both good choices for drinking on keto, as they are very low in carbohydrates. 

It's important to keep consumption in moderation to avoid weight gain because although they are better options than a typical beer, alcohol should always be kept in check when you're looking to burn fat.

There are other keto liquor options that are entirely carb-free and therefore a better alternative, such as vodka, rum, and whiskey. Like hard seltzers, these spirits have calories, are not nutritious, and can easily intoxicate you, so always be sure to drink in moderation.